Friday, February 25th is the next MONSTER DRAW at Lucky Number Grill. We will have a new Pyre and Sara Gorsky from the hit WildClaw Theatre vampire play, Carmilla, in our midst.

Plus -

Drawing starts at 8:30PM and goes to 11:00PM. $5 cover pays the models and contributes to the Women For Women charity (fighting real monsters around the world.)

Place: Lucky Number Grill, 2nd Floor Bar, 1931 N. Milwaukee, Chicago
Time: 8:30 PM - 11:00 PM
Cover: $5
Bring your sketchbooks, laptops, iPads, cameras, paints, crushed leaves, burnt sticks, body fluids, whatever your preferred method of sketching.

Photo by John W. Sisson, Jr. (


Come on down to Lucky Number Grill on BLACK FRIDAY for MONSTER DRAW #3! Stuff your face full of turkey, smack the rude members of your family, then escape to Lucky Number to drink and draw monsters and the people who love/fight them.

November 26th we'll start at 8:30PM and draw until around 11PM. There's a $5 cover ($1 of each cover goes to the charity, Women For Women, and the rest pays the models.)

Artist who have attended MONSTER DRAW include: Dave Dorman, Tony Akins, Pat Loboyko, J Anthony Kosar, the folks from Chateau Grrr and many others. You'll never know who'll you will meet.

Dave Dorman on CNN and at MONSTER DRAW 2

Come on down to MONSTER DRAW 2 on August 27 at Lucky Number Grill. Our pal, Dave Dorman will be there sketching away with you. Dave has been down at the Star Wars Celebration V selling his prints and was just featured on

Monster Draw! August 27th Lucky Number Grill

Get your sketchbooks, your laptops, your drinking thirst or your desire to hang out with fellow horror fans, artists, and sexy models and be at this month's Monster Draw. Plus, $3 Well Drinks!

• Friday, August 27
Lucky Number Grill (1931 N. Milwaukee at Western and Armitage), 2nd Floor
• Models go on at 8PM (til 11PM)
• $5 Cover (Pays the models and $1 per ticket goes to support Women For Women)

Guest artists (so far):
Dave Dorman: Star Wars/Batman/Aliens
Tony Akins: Jack of Fables/House of Mystery
Pat Loboyko: Shattered Empires
Charlie Athanas: WildClaw Theatre

Nora O'Sullivan Will Make You Bleed

Nora O'Sullivan, one of our models at the Full Body of Horror launch event has a great piece in the Chicago Reader talking about her life in the horror community.

Sketches from First FBOH Drink and Draw

Here is a small sampling of sketches from our first Full Body of Horror Drink and Draw that was held last Friday at Lucky Number Grill. We introduced our main character, Pyre, as embodied by the lovely, Natalie Slater, of Bake and Destroy. Our artists included:

• Dave Dorman, who will be releasing and 318 page book on his illustration career so far at the San Diego Comic-Con where he will be a Special Guest for the third time.
• J Anthony Kosar of KOSARTeffects is an award-winning illustrator who also put some time in at Stan Winston Studio (now Legacy Effects) helping build the A.M.P. suit for the movie, Avatar.
• Steve Bialer brought his iPad for some digital doodling. Steve is an art director and has produced the Chicago Tribune Sunday magazine and a tribute book to the Cubs, among many others.
Charlie Athanas is the graphics guy for WildClaw Theatre.

We'll be doing this again in August with more guest artists and great horror models, so bring your sketchbooks and join us.

FBOH First Drink and Draw

We had our first Drink and Draw launch event on May 28th at Lucky Number Grill. We would like to thank our fearless models:
Natalie Slater as Pyre;
Nora O'Sullivan as The Zombie;
Sophia Rapata as Skeleton Girl;
Michelle Torres as The Vampire;
and WildClaw Theatre's Brian Amidei as Frankenstein's Monster.

We introduced our main hero character, Pyre, as embodied by Natalie Slater of Bake and Destroy (see left).

We would also like to thank our featured artists, Dave Dorman and J Anthony Kosar. A special tip of the hat to J Anthony for his amazing makeup work on Sophia, Michelle and Brian.

We learned a lot on this one and since we are going to do these Drink and Draws on a regular basis, you can look forward to the best of this one and improvements and special touches to come. Stay tuned here as we make more announcements.

A big thank you to the staff at Lucky Number Grill for helping to make the event run smoothly. And, if you noticed a familiar face as you came in that's because WildClaw Theatre's Artistic Director, Charley Sherman, was gracious enough to man the door for us.

See you next month at Lucky Number Grill for a night with Cult Fiction on June 25th!